Dee's Bakery

Butter tarts are truly a Canadian treat, and Dee's Butter Tarts are the best you can get. They come in over a dozen flavours, made from only the finest ingredients – no additives. They're just gooey enough to be decadent without being messy! In addition to our famous butter tarts, Dee's Bakery offers variety of delicious baking and savoury entrees for you to enjoy at home.

Our bakery opened in 1996 in Dee's General Store, which was founded in 1986. Soon thereafter, Dee's famous Butter Tarts (to Die For) were discovered. They soon went on to become award winners! When The Kitchener-Waterloo Record held a "best bought butter tart contest",  Dee's tarts came out on top, winning over tried and true tart makers. It's something we are very proud of to this day.

In October 2012, Dee's Bakery invaded Cambridge, Ontario, setting up shop at 118  St.  Andrew Street. The secret to Dee's wonderful tarts is not only a recipe of top quality ingredients, but also the process used in making them. Attention to detail sets us apart. Never underestimate the joy of a handmade butter tart! 


A Purely Canadian Treat


Butter Tarts

Butter tarts to die for! You may think we are exagerating, but they are our specialty. You won't be able to stop eating them once you have tried our amazing butter tarts! Trust us, you won't regret it! Order Now!


Sweet Treats

We don't just sell butter tarts! From cookies, to pies to brownies and more! We have something here for everyone! Mouthwatering flavours to make any sweet tooth smile. Well, what are you waiting for? Go on, give us a try! Order Now!


Special Tarts

On top of our delicious regular butter tarts, we also make a wide array of specialty tarts. Pecan, maple walnut, chocolate peanut butter, skor, caramilk and many many more! We also have a special flavour of the month every month! Order now!